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Nobody looks forward to the day that their parents’ and/or grandparents’ aging becomes a noticeable concern, but this is a reality that many of us have to deal with at some point in our lives. With Livewell Alert that day doesn’t have to seem so daunting. Our products and wellness services empower seniors and at risk individuals to live longer, healthier, more independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes.Featured image When your parent or grandparent uses a Livewell medical alert watch, or another Livewell product or service, they will be adding a dedicated member to their care team. Our number one priority is to provide health, safety and emergency prevention programs that positively impact the well being of our clients and those that care for them.

Picture this all-to-common scene happening to one of your loved ones:

You’re supposed to have dinner with your mom so you’ve been calling her all morning to confirm whether you’re picking her up or meeting her at the restaurant. The weird thing is she hasn’t been answering her cell phone or her home phone. You have been planning this dinner for a week so you know she has to remember. So you spend your whole morning worrying about her. On your lunch break you decide to go by her house just to put your mind at ease, and it’s a good thing you did.

You get to your mom’s house and you find her on the floor of the kitchen unable to move. You are understandably terrified as you dial 911. Your mom, on the other hand, is actually quite calm. She’s trying to convince you that she is ok. Everything feels generally ok; she just fell and couldn’t get back up. The paramedics come and take her to the hospital and it turns out she was right. Maybe she had a slipped disk or a hip fracture, but otherwise she’s ok.

An incident like the one described above can be a terrifying wake up call. Even if you live in the same town as your parents you can’t always be there to take care of them. If you’re in the next state over or across the country the constant worrying can be unbearable. So when something like this happens it’s nice knowing that you can count on a mobile fall detection system from Livewell Alert. We strive to be the best medical alert company in the nation so give us a call today to see how Livewell can give you and your family peace of mind.